Kagoshima Prefectural Ibusuki Senior High School will be the 13th school to implement school uniform brand「O.C.S.D.」!!

OSARECOMPANY will announce the new uniform for Kagoshima Prefectural Ibusuki Senior High School, the 13th school incorporating「O.C.S.D」, which is a collaboration between OSARECOMPANY Inc. (Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, CEO Kazuki Uchimura, referred to as “OSARECOMPANY” below) and Akashi School Uniform Company Ltd. (Kurashiki-shi Okayama, CEO Hidefumi Kawai, referred to as “AKASHI S.U.C.” below).

■What is School Uniform BrandO.C.S.D.?

O.C.S.D.is an abbreviation for OSARECOMPANY SCHOOL DESIGN where OSARECOMPANY, which handles costume production, styling, and hair&makeup of the AKB48 Group collaborates with AKASHI S.U.C., which is a major school uniform company entering its 153rd year in 2018, to create school uniforms.

This brand, created in 2016, has been implemented in many schools since then and will be implemented in 6 new schools starting Spring 2019 (making a total of 15 schools).

With the base of the school uniform business entering its 3rd year, OSARECOMPANY aims to widen its range of activities by taking part in local culture support and eventually joining the education business.

■A uniform proposed by a school that holds values originality in which students can shine the most. The new uniform for Ibusuki High School is announced!

The girls’ uniform gets a full model change to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020.

Introduced in April 2019, the tie is regarded as formal wear for entrance and graduation ceremonies, and the ribbon may be worn on regular days. The summer and winter skirts may be coordinated freely. The overall chic design has designs unique to O.C.S.D. such as the lapel details and subtle pink color.
Under the school motto of「Voluntary・Love of Learning・Improvement」, we have created a school uniform that values the uniqueness of each student and spend their high school days productively based on the concept of「Experience the fun in finding the style which makes you shine most. There, you will find the joy in dressing well.」

Message from the School

Many students comment that「Ibusuki High School is a lot better than expected!! The active learning classes are fun and I can spend an enriching school life here」. 92% of the students answered that「the school atmosphere is good and would recommend younger students to enter as they will be able to spend an enriching school life」. Students of Ibusuki High School actively move voluntarily in school events as well. As they take things into their own hands, there is much excitement and that “full energy” is very cool. At Ibusuki High School, there is an atmosphere where everyone is very accepting of each other. Let’s all wear this stylish, elegant, yet cute new uniform and shine like yourselves at Ibusuki High School!!

Designer Comments

This is a dark navy single 3-button blazer style that is simple to pull off. The collar of the jacket has a very elegant design. We have subtly included the traditional school emblem in the chest area. The skirt has a cute check pattern with dark navy as its base and a pink line as an accent. The dark navy-based tie brings the look together and creates a stylish look among its cuteness.

Ayu Yamabe models the new Ibusuki High School uniform!! Special interview about the new uniform released!!

-A very charming school uniform that brings out individuality!!-

-The formal wear for this uniform is the tie. I think this is rare but, what are your thoughts on wearing a school uniform in which you can choose between a ribbon and a tie?
Ayu Yamabereferred to as “Ms. Yamabe” below)「I think it’s great that you get to choose the ribbon or the tie. AKB48 has costumes with ties so it feels very familiar to me. I think high school is when people get sensitive about fashion so it’s very appealing that you get to choose your own style. Wearing a tie as a school uniform may allow you to enjoy feeling a bit more mature (haha)

-What are your thoughts on the design of the new uniform?
Ms. YamabeI really like the subtle pink in the skirt and tie/ribbon. I also find the jacket lapel design appealing as it has a mature look to it. I love how it’s subtle yet very cute!!
 -This uniform is made under the theme of『stylish and elegant yet cute』.
Ms. YamabeThat’s a theme that girls would appreciate. When I heard that it was a traditional school, I had a more conservative image, so it caught me a bit by surprise (haha). It was also very easy to move around in while I was shooting. The shirt is also very comfortable and I felt it has evolved from the old image of school uniforms.

-Lastly, please give a message to prospective students.
Ms. YamabeI think it is rare to be able to choose between a ribbon and a tie, and I envy those who can wear uniforms that show subtle individuality. I’m sure there are feelings of anxiety for the new experiences, but I’m sure there will be lots of fun school events, so I hope you can all enjoy your high school life by appreciating each day wearing the cute O.C.S.D. uniform!!

Different shots available for viewing on the O.C.S.D. Brand Website!!

■AKB48 Ayu Yamabe Profile

Ayu Yamabe(AKB48 Team B)
Birthdate:February 3, 2002
Birth Place:Chiba Prefecture

O.C.S.DBrand Overview

O.C.S.D.is an abbreviation for OSARECOMPANY SCHOOL DESIGN where OSARECOMPANY, which handles costume production, styling, and hair&makeup of the AKB48 Group collaborates with AKASHI S.U.C., which is a major school uniform company entering its 153rd year in 2018, to create a motto of School is the brand, students are the main role with the concept of Cute&Cool from 360 degrees.


■OSARECOMPANY Inc. Corporate Information

OSARECOMPANY is a group of creators who make people shine.

Heavily experienced creative directors, designers, stylists, hair&makeup artists use their techniques to help one’s charm shine to its best.
CEO: Kazuki Uchimura

Established: March 1, 2013

Business Contents:

Production of costume and accessories specialized for the entertainment industry

Management of costume designers, stylists, hair&makeup artists
Costume management business


■Akashi School Uniform Company Ltd. Corporate Information

Akashi School Uniform Company Ltd., is a major school uniform company that handles planning and sales of uniform wear, which branched off from AKASHI H.K.C., an apparel maker with a history of 150 years, and creates uniforms which are unique to Japan’s culture with the slogan of Made in Japan from Kurashiki
CEO: Hidefumi Kawai

Established: December 1, 2014
Business Contents:

Planning, sales, and distribution of school, office, and factory uniforms

Planning, sales, and distribution of school sports and medical wear
URL: http://akashi-suc.jp