Nihon Bunri High School will be the 15th school to implement school uniform brand「O.C.S.D.」!!

OSARECOMPANY will announce the new uniform for Nihon Bunri High School, the 15th school to implement「O.C.S.D」, which is a collaboration between OSARECOMPANY Inc. (Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, CEO Kazuki Uchimura, referred to as “OSARECOMPANY” below) and Akashi School Uniform Company Ltd. (Kurashiki-shi Okayama, CEO Hidefumi Kawai, referred to as “AKASHI S.U.C.” below).

■What is School Uniform BrandO.C.S.D.? an abbreviation for OSARECOMPANY SCHOOL DESIGN where OSARECOMPANY, which handles costume production, styling, and hair&makeup of the AKB48 Group collaborates with AKASHI S.U.C., which is a major school uniform company entering its 154th year in 2019, to create school uniforms.

This brand, created in 2016, has been implemented in many schools since then and will be implemented in a total of 15 schools in Spring 2019.

With the base of the school uniform business entering its 3rd year, OSARECOMPANY aims to widen its range of activities by taking part in local culture support and eventually joining the education business.

■Passing on the「Bunri Blue」to the next generation!! New uniforms of Nihon Bunri High School announced!!

Nihon Bunri High School was the first school in Niigata prefecture to implement a blazer style in 1990. As a school which has gone through changes in education and uniforms in accordance to the current generation, Nihon Bunri High School has become the first school in the Koshinetsu area to implement O.C.S.D. In the last renewal of the Heisei era, the traditional color was kept, and updated to a Bunri Blue to pass the baton to the next generation. The blue gradation which goes well with the pleats pattern of the striped skirt creates a classy feminine look. The jacket has a dark navy base and the emblem and lapel accented in white piping adds depth to the design and allows for the Bunri Blue to stand out.

A new uniform suitable for Nihon Bunri High School’s aim for the early days of the educational policy for the next generation is complete.

Message from the school
We have asked actual students who will be wearing the uniforms to choose the “cute and cool uniforms” that students want to wear. A wonderful uniform was made through the voices of these students! 15~18 year-olds are in the stage where they grow as a person the most. By spending this life stage in a good environment and learning many things, the “possibilities” of each student greatly opens up. The start line is right in front of you. Wouldn’t you like to create the future that will come to you by giving your all in your high school years together with Nihon Bunri High School?

Comments from the Designer

This is a highly original style that has a dark navy jacket with white piping.
The emblem-like embroidery in the chest area is a key point. We have aimed for a stylish uniform despite its simplicity using the Bunri Blue effectively. The skirt has a different feel based on lighting with elegant stripes. Girls can choose between ties and ribbons which creates some fun.

■Aiming for the next IT GIRL!! AKB48 Kotone Hitomi who has also modeled in the Girls Award models the uniform!!
■How was modeling for Nihon Bunri High School, the 15th school to implement O.C.S.D.?

I love modeling, so I was very excited!
I am glad I got the chance to wear the new uniform for a school also famous for sports. I was excited as you don’t get much opportunity to wear uniforms of other schools (haha).

■This brand is under collaboration with AKASHI S.U.C, which is a traditional school uniform company in Okayama, which is also your hometown.

I am very happy that I get to be involved with a local company!!

■What are your thoughts on wearing this uniform?

The material is not rough like normal school shirts so it’s very comfortable. I was surprised at how soft it was like a polo shirt.
The piping of the lapel is very cute and the crown of the emblem is also very cute!!
I think many girls will like the elegant design that has a lady-like feel to it.

■What are your thoughts on the Bunri Blue?

When I choose clothes for myself, I tend to prefer primary colors and bright colors, so I really like this uniform that has a blue base to it.
If you see this uniform around town, you will catch yourself looking twice (haha). Also, it’s hard to see in the picture, but the navy blue gradation of the skirt is very beautiful when you move around, so I really think this is a great design with beautiful details.

■Lastly, could you give us a message for students entering the 2019 Spring year wearing this new uniform?

I think you will be surprised at how comfortable this is!!

I think you will be able to pull off a grand high school debut as this uniform creates femininity just by wearing it. This uniform will definitely be envied by other schools, so I hope there will be more and more cute Bunri Girls wearing this uniform!!

Hitomi Kotone
Holds concurrent posts in AKB48 Team 8 and Team A
Nickname: Kossan
:January 19, 2001
Birth Place: Okayama
A new page with school introductions and visuals will be available on the O.C.S.D. Brand Official Website on January 31 (Thurs).