Golf wear design and production for DELiGHTWORKS professional golfer team「Team DELiGHTWORKS」

OSARECOMPANY Inc. (Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, CEO Kazuki Uchimura, referred to as “OSARECOMPANY” below), under cooperation with Asahi Kasei Advance, has designed and produced「HAUTECLAiRE」, the golf wear of players belonging to the professional golf team「Team DELiGHTWORKS」created by DELiGHTWORKS Inc. (Meguro-ku Tokyo, CEO Akihito Shoji, referred to as “DELiGHTWORKS” below).


Under the concept of “Making sports more fun”, DELiGHTWORKS has launched「Athlete Support Program」to aid athletes challenging themselves from Japan to the World and『Team DELiGHTWORKS』is a part of this program. The original golf wear brand「HAUTECLAiRE」to be worn by members of『Team DELiGHTWORKS』has been launched.

This golf wear, tailored to the opinions of each athlete, is both fashionable and functional, expressing the originality of each athlete.

■About the design of OSARECOMPANY

 The athletes are the main role!! Sportswear that does not end with just the satisfaction of the manufacturer

OSARECOMPANY has designed and produced sportswear for its first time using the know-how gained through its experience in costume design and production of the AKB48 Group, 2.5-dimension plays, and many artists and talents. Through the support of Asahi Kasei Advance, OSARECOMPANY has produced sportswear that pursues functionality.

We have taken part in this project with the hopes of contributing to the golf-world by increasing young women golf players to see golf as a fashionable and liberal sport through making women golfers shine.
As a costume company, we have created sportswear that does not only have a unique design, but one that has a design which allows for the athlete to demonstrate its best performance with confidence.

■About the material provided by Asahi Kasei Advance

『Material that keeps high performance Stylish Body®Dry and Elaction®PRO』

We were able to create a sportswear that we can proudly announce through discussions regarding the material with Asahi Kasei Advance, which has deep know-how in providing sportswear material.

The outer material used in this product is a stretch fabric<Stylish Body®Dry> which is a combination of Asahi Kasei’s premium stretch fiber<Roica®>and breathing fiber<Bemberg®> (Cupra). It has a pliant stretch and restoration feature with UV protection perfect for golfing.

<Elaction®PRO> used in the compression wear is a high-stretch fabric with a great expansion and contraction feature that tailors to all kinds of body movements. The fabric stretches both vertically and horizontally with minimum power and keeps a steady pressure throughout all kinds of large movements. Athletes are sure to experience comfort in wearing this material.