Due to business expansion, we are currently seeking staff who are willing to grow by hard work and sharing joy with each other.



Job Type
  • 1.Costume Designer

    Costume design, styling, production, and costume fitting of clients (music artists, TV personalities, corporations, organizations, characters, digital contents).

  • 2.Stylist

    Styling, production, costume fitting, and costume management of clients (music artists, TV personalities, corporations and organizations).

  • 3.Hair&Makeup

    Hair and makeup of clients (music artists, TV personalities, etc.) and direction of partner hair and makeup staff.

  • 4.Sales Administrator

    Management of creators (costume designers, stylists, hair and makeup artists) and projects (schedule management, budget management).

  • 5.Business Creator

    Project development, business development.

  • 6.Public Relations
  • 7.Accounting
  • 8.General affairs, information system
  • 9.Personnel and labor relations
Type of Employment
Contract employee

(A period of 6 months. After the 6 months have passed, there may be possibility of appointment to a permanent employee or continuation of contract)
May start as a managerial class depending on skill and experience.
We are also seeking part-timers for ② and ③.Click here for part-time application

Those Subject to Consideration
  • ・Those with communication skills and honesty.
  • ・Those who create a positive vibe and atmosphere (smiles, open-minded); has a likeableness.
  • ・Those with curiosity, ambition, and ability to take immediate action. As we are a venture company in the entertainment field, everyone is a team-player.
Work Location
Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Niigata, other locations domestic or abroad

  • Other domestic and overseas areas depending on the project
  • There is a possibility of changes in main work location
Work Hours
11:00~20:00(1H Break)

  • Fluctuates due to shifts
Monthly salary over ¥235,000 Japanese Yen

  • Based on corporate regulations upon consideration of experience.
Full compensation of transportation expenses
Compensation for overtime (general)
Profit-sharing (managerial class and general)
Annual salary raise
Social insurance
Expected Number to be Hired
Few spots per position