OSARECOMPANY creates sparkle in each stage. Behind-the-scenes of Rino Sashihara Graduation Concert stage costume!!

OSARECOMPANY Inc. (Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, CEO Kazuki Uchimura, referred to as “OSARECOMPANY” below), which handles 2.5-dimension costume design and production of mainly the AKB48 Group has handled the costume design, production, hair&makeup, and styling of the Rino Sashihara Graduation Concert which took place on April 28.

The costume that was worn for the first time in the end of the concert was made by material that Asahi Kasei Advance proudly presents and created a one-of-a-kind stage costume.

■The material used in world-class maison are reborn into an original stage costume through collaboration with Asahi Kasei Advance!!


「Material Slarit®︎」loved by famous maison designers.

Under full support by Asahi Kasei Advance, we were able to use「Slarit®︎」which is used in prestigious maison runways and is loved by various designers from collection lines to pret-a-porter.

「Slarit®︎」is non-woven「Eltas®︎」fancy yarn slit into tape-form.

The original material used for this costume were made through support by Mitasho, which handles cloth manufacturing with Asahi Kasei Advance in Kiryu. The unique texture and form of the tape creates various expressions. The hand-cut fancy yarn is very beautiful and brings out the charm in the members as it is tailor-made to match their dances and moves. A stage costume making the most use of the strong creativity of the material was completed.

■Costume that is worthy of a special showcase!!

OSARECOMPANY has designed and manufactured all of the new costumes including the graduation dress worn in this graduation concert. The costume shown to the public were done so by a quick costume change on stage at the very end of the concert and the scene where the senbatsu members all come together in their「Slarit®️」costumes showed idol-like aspects with beauty.

The details of the costumes are introduced on OSARECOMPANY’s official Instagram account. Please check it out!!

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